Advisory Committees

Internal Advisory Committee Members

Headshot of Nicquet Blake, PhD
Nicquet Blake, PhD
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Headshot of David Cochran, DDS
David Cochran, DDS
School of Dentistry

Headshot of Andrea Giuffrida, PhD
Andrea Giuffrida, PhD
VP for Research

Headshot of Ken Hargreaves, DDS
Ken Hargreaves, DDS
School of Dentistry

Headshot of Alan Peterson, PhD
Alan Peterson, PhD
Long School of Medicine

Headshot of David Henzi, EdD
David Henzi, EdD
School of Health Professions

Headshot of Carlos Rosende, MD
Carlos Rosende, MD
UT Health San Antonio Physician

Headshot of James Cleveland, MSN
James Cleveland, MSN
School of Nursing

External Advisory Committee Members

Headshot of James Ficke, MD
James Ficke, MD
Professor of Orthopedic Surgery,
John Hopkins University

Headshot of Ron Poropatich, MD
Ron Poropatich, MD
Executive Director,
Center for Military Medicine Research,
University of Pittsburgh

Headshot of Glenn Markenson, MD

Glenn Markenson, MD
Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Director,Center for Military and Post Deployment Health,
Boston University

Headshot of Kim Siniscalchi, RN, MSN
Kim Siniscalchi, RN, MSN
Maj Gen (USAF Ret)
Vice President of Strategic Initiatives,
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Tom Travis, MD
Lt Gen (USAF Ret)
Senior Vice President,
USUHS Southern Regional Campus

Headshot of Lawrence Steinkraus, MD, MPH
Lawrence Steinkraus, MD, MPH
Col (USAF Ret)
Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine,
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine