2020 Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) Abstract Submission

From the 2020 MHSRS planning committee:

The submission site will close 25 Mar 2020. We WILL NOT accept abstract submissions after 25 Mar, so please plan accordingly.    Please note that it is the submitter’s responsibility to get the required organizational clearances prior to abstract submission. This includes Public Affairs, Operational Security, Intellectual Property or any other clearances required by their respective organizations.

The MHSRS is the Department of Defense’s premier scientific meeting. It provides a collaborative environment for military medical care providers with deployment experience, DoD scientists, academia, and industry to meet and exchange information on the unique medical needs of the Warfighter. The 2020 MHSRS is focused in four primary presentation areas: Warfighter Medical Readiness, Expeditionary Medicine, Warfighter Performance, and Return to Duty.

Go to the MHSRS website (https://mhsrs.amedd.army.mil/) to review the titles and descriptions of the 2020 scientific breakout sessions. Submit abstracts through this MHSRS website.

The MHSRS website  is a password enabled site. All submitters need to be issued a username and password before they will be able to submit an abstract.

(1) Army MEDCOM and DHA CAC Users: Signing in with a CAC is the most secure/desirable method since it uses two-factor authentication. Go to: https://mhsrs.amedd.army.mil/submissions/ (Click ‘Sign In with CAC’). If you have trouble accessing with your CAC, please register for a member account.

(2) All Others must have a username and password to access the site.  If you have forgotten your previously issued username and password, email: usarmy.detrick.medcom-usamrmc.list.usamrmc-web-team@mail.mil for assistance. DO NOT re-register.

(3) If you have never registered on the MHSRS website (new abstract submitter), go to https://mhsrs.amedd.army.mil/Members/Register.aspx , to register for a new member account and receives username and password.

The location and date of the 2020 MHSRS are still to be determined.  This information will be posted on the MHSRS website and communicated via a mass e-mail to those registered on the MHSRS website when it is available.

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